Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer Reading Club!

I am going to plug something for my sister. She didn't ask me to, but as a former teacher and a Mommy, I think it is a good thing, so I am posting about it. My sister Amy is the children's librarian for the Central Wichita Library. Every summer, the Wichita libraries have a Summer Reading Club. All you have to do is sign your kids up, read to them or have them read to you, (This will be the first summer Zach reads to us!!) and when you reach the goal you set, you get a prize! I am a huge advocate of reading. Zach had a bookshelf full of books before he was even born, and all three of my kids love to have books read to them. (Lily likes the pictures more than the actual reading, but you have to start somewhere!) We have been signing up for the reading club for several years now, and have gone to all kinds of fun things at the library during the summer, (free programs, yeah!!!) but this year they decided to start doing a summer kickoff party again. I guess they used to do it, but hadn't done it in several years, so my sister thought they should start it back up again. Today we went to the library carnival. It was a lot of fun! The first thing we did was get tattoos! They were even library themed! (This is Riley's tattoo.)

Then we headed over to the fishing pond where the kids got cool prizes.

While the big kids were in the moonwalk, Lily and my nephew Camden rode in the box horses. They were so cute. The kids got in them, held on to the handles, and ran around in them. Lily liked it......

Camden wasn't too crazy about it though. =) This picture cracks me up, it looks like he is thinking, "What is this, and why am I in it???"
Riley thought they were fun too!

There was also sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and a balloon man. We decided to take a break and enjoy some popcorn and pop and water. Here are Zach and Riley with my nephew Carson and my nieces Alyssa and Taby.
While they were all sitting there, Zach looked at me and said, "Mom, how did you find this paradise?" My sister and I thought this was funny, I mean we were just outside of the library, but then Taby looked at Zach and said, "What is your idea of a paradise?" Ahh, 6 year olds are funny. =)
If you read this blog fairly regularly, you will know that my children love to pose with statues at the zoo.....evidently, the library is no different.

We played one more game, signed up for the reading club, and headed to the car where I cranked the air conditioner up. It was HOT!!!

The kids had fun playing the games and seeing their cousins. We are now signed up for the reading club, and Zach has already read one book to reach his goal. No matter where you live, go to your local library and get signed up for a summer reading club. If your city doesn't do it, make your own reading club with your kids! Not only are your kids learning when you read, you are spending quality time with them. =) Happy reading!!!
**Thanks Aunt Amy**

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  1. Awesome job promoting reading Jenny! Couldn't have said it better myself. :-) Thanks for taking such cute pics! Everything was so crazy for me I didn't really get to see all the kids having a good time!
    Yea Zach for reading already!