Thursday, July 14, 2011

#22: Family Game Night

It should be easier to have a family game night...but it doesn't seem that way at our house. The kids play games during the day, or the boys play games by themselves at night, but it doesn't seem like we have a night where the entire family plays a game together very often. I think that's why the kids (mainly Zach) wanted to add it to the summer fun list. We decided to play Monopoly. The real Monopoly, not the junior version. Zach said he was old enough. (The box says 8 and up mom!) Riley decided he was old enough too. (If Zach gets to do it, so can I!) Then Lily wanted to "help" daddy. So, that's how we had our family game night, kind of impromptu. =)

Lily didn't last too long though. She rolled the dice for Jeff a few times, but then decided to go play something else.

The boys had SO much fun though!!

By the end of the game, this is what the board looked like for Zach:

He had a ton of money & owned a lot of property. He takes his Monopoly game serious.

He ended up winning the game:

He was VERY excited he beat Jeff & I.

Riley came in second. This is his second place winner face:

We did help the boys out (Riley more than Zach), but not to the point that we helped them win. They did that all on their own. They can't wait until we play again. =)

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