Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt!

# 13 on our Summer Fun List was: Have a scavenger hunt. So, on Monday, we invited a bunch of cousins over to my parents' house to have a scavenger hunt. We had two lists. One for the youngest kids:

and one for the older kids:

Everyone got a bag to collect their items:

Everyone also got a treat bag when they finished, but the winner from each age group (the one who found everything first) also won a kite!

We told everyone the directions and then they were off!

The two winners were Johnny & Cooper! Good job boys!

I think everyone had fun!

The one thing I would change if we do it again next year, is that I would have 3 different age groups. The older kids list was a little long for those who are just starting to read, but otherwise I think it turned out pretty good.

Thanks everyone who came over to play!!

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