Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th of July

**This is also #20 on our summer fun list**
We got home at 6:20 Sunday evening from our vacation.
We unloaded the car, I threw in a load of laundry, and we got back in the car to go get fireworks.
I could have stayed at home and relaxed for a minute, but my oldest child really wanted to go get fireworks for the 4th.....and so did Zach, Riley, and Lily. ;0)
We came back with this:

That is a crazy amount of fireworks.
The kids "talked" Jeff into letting them set off a few fireworks that night:

They could hardly wait to set off fireworks on Monday morning.

Later that afternoon, we went to my brother Tom's house to swim, eat, and shoot off more fireworks!

When it got darker, we broke out the sparklers:

Big kids like sparklers too!

My nephew, Ares with his giant sparkler:

Then the big boys started their fireworks show.

What's better than ice cream & fireworks??

We got to see some really pretty fireworks:

It was too much for this little girl:

She was passed out before most of the big fireworks were over. She slept soundly through bright lights and LOUD booms. I think the past week has been a long one for her.

We had a great finale too!!

Another great 4th of July!!!

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