Friday, July 15, 2011


Apparently our children are deprived. They've never been to Build-A-Bear. Poor things...... ;0) My sister Kathleen decided that Lily needed to go there, so she got her a gift card for her Birthday. Jeff & I took her there last night (without the boys...she was so excited to have a "Mommy/Daddy date"). She had what she wanted all planned out in her head before we even left the house! I just hoped they actually had what she wanted.
First, she picked out a lamb. I'm glad they had one of those. So far so good.

Then she got to go over to stuff her lamb.

She also go to pick out a heart:

And put it inside:

Then she gave it a "bath".

Then the moment she had been waiting for; picking out her outfit!!! She of course picked out the shoes first. (I know, that is so shocking...)

Lily picked out cute pink ballet slippers for all four feet of her lamb. She knew she wanted a tutu of some kind, but there were SO many to choose from!!

She finally settled on this cute one:

It was hard since they had so many cute outfits. This was just one wall:

Jeff wanted her to pick one of these. ;0)

But she decided she did not want her lamb to be a chiefs football player... I don't know why...

While Baby Lamb (that's the lamb's name, even though she already has a baby lamb that she has had since she was born, and sleeps with, and drags around the house.....) was getting dressed, Lily remembered that she wanted a princess crown for her lamb.

I knew that this outfit was starting to add up quickly, but Lily knows how to handle her Daddy. (Even though he won't admit it.) So, he found a pink tiara for Baby Lamb, since that's what Lily had envisioned before we got to the store. Such a good Daddy. :0)

So this is what the new Baby Lamb looked like when she was done:

After she was dressed, Lily got to make her birth certificate.

Lily was so excited to show her to Zach & Riley. She played and played with her when we got home and then slept with her. She also "introduced" her to "old" Baby Lamb and said that they liked being friends. Too cute!

She sure does love this new lamb!! She also wants to go back and do it again. I am sure this won't be the last time. =)

Thanks Aunt Kathleen for our new Baby Lamb!!!

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  1. OMG! I'm not sure who is more of a princess...Lily or that baby lamb!! So cute! Glad she had fun.