Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tea Party

Two of my nieces wanted to have a tea party. So, their mom (my sister Mary) being the nice mom that she is, invited Lily, Zach, Riley, and their other cousin, Ares to join them (and their little brother) in a tea party. Since most of the kids don't like hot tea, she had iced tea. (Which was perfect since it has been SO hot!!) She had peach, raspberry, and regular tea.
Lily was super excited to go to the tea party. She got her Pinkalicious dress, and some fancy socks and shoes on before we left. Then she got a crown when she got there. It even matched her dress!! How did they know she loves pink?!?! ;0)

The boys were super excited about going too.......because they knew there would be food. :0) They also happen to love flavored tea. They got to wear knight helmets!

Mary had prepared all sorts of yummy treats!!

All of the princesses and knights:

Here was my plate:

I had to sample some of know, to be polite and all....

Thanks Mary for a great tea party!!! The kids all had a lot of fun and everything was yummy!!

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