Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Olympics

My sister Dianna had a great idea for the kids this summer: The 2011 Summer Olympics!! She worked really hard to get this all together & the kids had a lot of fun!! She even had medals for the kids when they finished each event:

It was held at Grammy & Granddad Ramsey's house since they have the most room outside. When we got there, Cody helped pin on every one's Olympic number.

Lindsey helped paint the kids' faces with Olympic symbols!!

There were torches, the Olympic rings, "war" paint, and USA!

Most of my parent's grandkids. (The younger ones anyway.)

Dianna was the master of ceremonies. She got things done with her mega-phone!

The first event was the 50 yard dash. (A little shorter for the smaller ones.)

Lily, Camden, Ares, and Johnny ran fast!

I love the look of fierce competitiveness on Camden's face!

After the race they got their medals from Grammy!

The second heat was Kael, Alyssa, and Riley.

Look how hard they are trying!!

Last but not least were the oldest kids; Cody, Cooper, Carson, Zach, and Taby.

Since it was super hot, it was time for a water break!

The next event was the egg race. These brave 3 & 4 year olds carried real eggs and raced to the finish line!

They all started off really slow, then decided they could walk fast/run.

It was fun watching them!
Next was the Olympic ring toss!

We took a break from the events and took pictures as Olympic medal winners!!

Thanks Amy for drawing this cool picture board!

The next event was one of my favorites to watch; potato sack races. Since you can't find potato sacks anymore, my mom sewed some up for us!

Taking a break from the heat, we went inside and played a mystery game. Each child was blind folded and they had to guess what was in the bowls in front of them!

The three-legged race was next!! This was my other favorite event. It was so funny to watch them try to run tied to another person!

Popsicle break!

The long jump was after that. The older boys did really well in this event.

The little kids didn't quite get the concept, but they tried their hardest anyway!

And were cute while doing it!

The last event was the obstacle course.

They had to run around trees, go down slides, jump over tubs, go under boards, spin around a bat, and go down a slip in slide!

Then it was time for the Grand Finale!! It was a surprise for the kids.

Silly String!!!!

After that, the adults all went inside in the air conditioning (and Grammy made lunch for all of us, THANKS!!). But the kids all stayed outside & cooled off in the slip and slide!

But the fun didn't end there. Everyone got treat bags too!!

Thank you SO much Dianna (and everyone else who made/bought things)!!!! It was such a fun day for everyone. My kids can't wait until there's a Summer Olympics 2012!!

You want to do this again....right Dianna??? =)


  1. Thanks for all the great pics Jenny! It was Super fun! The only thing I would change is doing it in early summer when it is not 105 degrees outside :0)


  2. What FUN!!! That is such an awesome idea!! What great memories your kids will have from this! (and I love the picture board with medals!)