Friday, July 29, 2011

Checking Things Off.....

School is literally weeks away, so we have been trying to check more & more things off of our summer fun list. The only problem is that this excessive heat is not cooperating with us!! One of the things that the kids wanted to do was look for frogs and turtles in the creek by my parent's house. They have been down to the creek several times this summer, but since there isn't a whole lot of water in the creek, they haven't found any. Plus, I think they forgot that was one of the things they wanted to do when they went down there. (They were more interested in looking for rocks & having Granddad teach them how to skip the rocks the last time they were down there.) But we did find this little guy in our own backyard!

So, I talked the kids into letting me check it off. They did go down to the creek (lots) and they did find a turtle (just not in the creek).
Another thing we got to check off was taking a nature walk:

No, I don't normally dress my children up to take a nature walks. They were having their picture taken, in a nature setting, so we decided to do two things at once. I'm efficient that way. ;0)

They did get to walk down some fun trails with Aunt Amy, and they saw little creeks, lots of plants and trees, and lots of insects. Then, when we were almost back to the car, we saw a deer!!

I have closer pictures of the deer, but they are all blurry for some reason. :0( The deer just stood there while we looked at it and took pictures. The kids weren't exactly quiet either....

They wanted to make their walk last longer, but it was still over 100 degrees, and it was 8:00 at night! We told them we would come back when it was cooler.

We have also checked off go to the drive-in. We technically went to the drive-in already. We went right before we wrote the list, but the kids wanted to go see Mr. Popper's Penguins at the drive-in. Well, we didn't get to it before it left the main theatres. Luckily, we have The Palace theatre, where they play movies no longer in the main theatres, and it's way cheaper!! So, yesterday, we went to see Mr. Popper's Penguins in the theatre instead of the drive-in, and the kids agreed that we could check off the drive-in too. Yeah!

We still have a few more things to check off of our list. Some of them might have to wait until after school starts, or not get done at all this summer. Things like go fishing (it is way too hot to sit there in one spot and fish) and go to World's of Fun (we may change this to the State Fair and go in September). But, we will try to get as much checked off as possible. Even if we don't get it all done, we have had a lot of fun this summer!!!

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  1. I took Sophie and a friend to the Palace on Tuesday. LOVE their prices! We saw Monte Carlo, which I'm guessing your boys wouldn't like so much. :) (Actually I really liked it!!) Good luck crossing more things off! Summer is ending way to quickly!!