Monday, July 18, 2011

Faux Stained Glass

My favorite art project (#16 on our summer fun list), was making faux stained glass. When I worked at a daycare (way, way back in high school & college) we did these with the summer school-age kids. They loved them, so I decided to try them with my own kids.
All you need is Gallery Glass window color. They come in lots of different colors & you can get them at Michael's.

You also need liquid leading. You can find it next to the window color.

Since I am not an artist, I let the kids find coloring pages on the Internet & I printed them off. If you are good at drawing, you can draw your own pictures with the liquid leading. You need to use something slick to draw the pictures on. I like to use gallon size ziplock bags (since they are cheap). All you have to do is outline your picture, making sure that you don't have any open sides, because you will fill in the spaces with the window color when the leading is dry.

These are the kids' outlines.

I did the outlines for them, but maybe someday I won't be so anal & let them do it themselves.....maybe... ;0)

After the black was all dry, they filled in the color by themselves. (Lily did get a little help from me.)

Each section can be a different color. It is pretty easy & doesn't use up that much of the bottle.

(I realized when I posted these pictures that they are all using purple in each picture. I thought that was funny.)

This is what they look like when they were done filling them in:

Here is what they look like after they start to dry:

When they are completely dry, you can peal them off of the ziplock bag:

Then you can stick them up on a window!

You can peal them off & put them back up again!

A small note of precaution though. When I used to do this at the daycare, we left one up for a really, really long time & it was really, really hard to get off. So, if you don't want them up permanently, you may only leave them up for awhile. (not a several months...)

This was a really fun project & the kids like looking at their "stained glass".


  1. How Cute! Those are really cool!


  2. Love this, I can't wait to try this with my Grand babies!