Thursday, July 7, 2011

St. Maarten Part 2

Here is the second half of our trip to St. Maarten. =)

One of the things Jeff loved to do when he got up, was to go out on our balcony, watch the waves, and drink his coffee. (and maybe check his e-mail...I can't get that guy to stop working even on vacation!!) =)

Someone else really liked being out there next to his Daddy. Riley would still be sitting out there, long after Lily & Zach decided to go in. It was very cute.
Day 3 started out back at the beach:

This was my view most of the time:

So relaxing!!!
More body surfing!

That afternoon, we headed out in search of ice cream. We found a cute little gelato store called Carousel.

The gelato was yummy!!!! They had all kinds of flavors too. They also had an actual carousel!!

That night Jeff & I got to go out to dinner by ourselves!! Our 12 year anniversary was on Sunday, the 26th, so this was our time to get to celebrate our anniversary! We went to the same restaurant we go to every time we are on St. Maarten, Tuta Pasta. They have the yummiest vodka cream pasta.

Wednesday morning, we headed over to the French side with Gary & Sheril for the French Market.

Lily liked these flowers that grew alongside the parking lot.

The kids liked looking at the fresh fish:

They also had fruit, breads, and other foods for sale:

Here is the open air market on the French side:

I bought this hat for me, but Lily really liked it.

This poor hat met it's demise on the way home when a bottle of blue rum broke in the same suitcase the hat was in. =( Jeff got most of the blue out, but it's not quite the same.

After the market, we went to see this beach:

It was devastated in a hurricane awhile back & Gary & Sheril wanted to see how it had been rebuilt. It was beautiful!

But the waves here were really rough...I'm glad our beach had nice calm waves.
When we got back to the Dutch side, we went back out to the ocean.

Jeff, Zach, and Riley rode wave runners!

Zach was first, and he loved it!!

Riley was next and he loved it just as much!!

While they were out, I happened to look up and saw them getting back on the wave runner. Apparently Jeff was making a turn and Riley leaned into the turn, making them fall off. Riley thought it was so funny that he knocked Daddy into the ocean. Yep, no fear with this one.....

On Thursday night, we went on a sunset cruise on the Lambada.

Jeff & I had been on this cruise before & wanted to show Gary, Sheril, and the kids how much fun it is.

You sail around the island at sunset, they feed you snacks, and beverages, and it lasts an hour & a half. You also meet really interesting people. It's fun!!

This ship was a catamaran. The kids could not wait to get up on the net.

I thought they might be afraid, but they were not at all!

Friday was pretty laid back for us. It was the last day on the island. =( We went to the ocean and the pool, and went out to dinner. Then the kids did one of their favorite things that they had been doing all week.

Playing cards with Grandma! She taught them some new games and they got pretty good at them. They loved spending time with both their grandparents. =)

We left on Saturday. I'm not sure when we'll be able to go back, (if ever), but it was a fun, relaxing trip, and we are so grateful to Gary & Sheril for letting us come with them.

Here are a few last pictures of our beautiful view. The last one is my favorite. ;0)


  1. So beautiful! I have a feeling you'll make it back there again!


  2. That first picture and story of Jeff and Riley is so sweet!