Sunday, July 10, 2011

Water Balloons & a Picnic

Last week, we crossed numbers 6 & 15 off of our Summer Fun List.
They were: have a picnic & have a water balloon fight.
Water balloon fights aren't too much fun with just 3 kids, so we invited some cousins to come along with us to a park to have some fun.
Jeff & I filled about 200 balloons the night before:

It took us about an hour & half to do it....and it took them about 6 minutes to use them all up the next least they had fun in those 6 minutes. ;0)
When we got to the park, we spread towels out around a big grassy area. Then we put balloons on each towel:

All of the kids lined up to get ready to run to a towel.

Do you like their "ready, set, go" stances? :0)

We let the littlest kids run first:

Then the big kids got to go!

They had a lot of fun running from towel to towel getting balloons and throwing them at each other.

I think the picture above is where Ares threw a balloon at Camden, then realized Camden had one too, so he started running away screaming. It was really funny!

After the balloon fight, they got to play at the park. Then we all had a picnic!

The weather was perfect! It wasn't super hot, and there were some nice clouds to keep us cool. Thanks everyone for coming to help us cross off more things from our list. It's always fun to be able to share these fun things with others. =)

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