Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bike Riding

Jeff has been teaching Zach how to ride his "big bike" with no training wheels. He is getting really good at it now. He still needs help starting and he usually finds the closest yard to stop/land in, but at least today he was riding up and down the street by himself. Yeah Zach! Here are some pictures from today.

Here is Jeff helping Zach start off. (With Riley on his scooter.)
No hands from Jeff, but Zach still likes to have him beside him.

Yeah! All by himself!!!

Since Riley is too big for his tricycle, we gave Zach's old bike to him. He is working on pushing the petals, but he likes having the big boy bike with training wheels.

Here is a video of Zach riding his bike:

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  1. Yeah for Zach! I can still remember riding my bike for the first time. It's so scary!!