Friday, March 13, 2009

Setting a Trap

We like St. Patrick's Day around our house. Every year leprechauns come to our house and leave chocolate gold coins for the kids. (more on that on St. Pat's day.) We also have a lot of books about leprechauns and St. Pat's day. We got a new one this year; The Night Before St. Patrick's Day. In this book, two children set traps to catch leprechauns. Riley loves this book. We have read it several times. So, it wasn't that surprising when he was making a leprechaun trap out of mega blocks the other day. In the book they talked about how leprechauns love shiny things so he told me that he needed something shiny for his trap. The shiny thing he wanted? A pair of my earrings. So, I helped him find a shiny toy, which ended up being a bike bell. He told me he wanted to be "doubly sneaky" and build his trap tall enough so the leprechaun couldn't get out. Here are pictures of him building his trap ad then his trap with the bell in it.

When Zach got home from school that day, Riley told him all about his leprechaun trap and how he was going to get rich with all of the gold. So of course Zach had to build one too. Zach built his out of plastic cups. Riley informed him that he needed something shiny, so Zach got a dime out of his piggy bank. Here are pictures of Zach with his trap and then the inside of his trap.

After they were done building their traps, Riley put starburst candy in them because "they get hungry after they find shiny things." So I thought that it was sweet of him to think of the little guys, even if he was trying to trap them. =)
Both boys are excited to try out their traps on St. Patrick's Day.

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  1. Besides spending the leprechauns money, what are their plans for the leprechauns themselves, besides feeding them starbursts? Do you think they can bring them to show and tell?