Monday, March 30, 2009

Puppet Show

I did my student teaching at Riverside Elementary, which is an art and history magnet. They teach with a different theme for each month. I had the privilege of doing my student teaching under Amy DeCastro, who is a great teacher. She taught me so much! One thing was to go above and beyond what you needed to do. So, when it was my turn to take over teaching, and the theme was artists, she suggested that I have a center for puppets. So, Jeff (wonderful husband that he is) built a puppet theatre for me. We still have this theatre in our basement. My sister, Amy, who is a children's librarian, sometimes puts on puppet shows at the library and Riley LOVES to watch her put them on. He has been asking her to come over and help him put one on for Jeff and I , so she came over yesterday. Here are pictures from their cute show. (Zach helped too!)

Here is a short video of part of the show. They are "dancing" here.
They did a good job and even put on a show for Amy later on.


  1. Too cute! Those puppets really now how to get down!

    Aunt Dianna

  2. I remember doing and watching puppet shows when we were little but pretty sure i didn't get as excited as Riley does :) lol

  3. That was so fun! They were so cute and the puppet show went just about how we practiced which was amazing! I kept thinking Ri would change his answers. :-)