Friday, March 27, 2009


Lily LOVES shoes. Seriously. We will walk by them in the store and she will yell out, "Shoes! Shoes!" She likes trying on shoes, and gets mad when we don't buy any. She also has opinions on which shoes she likes. I tried to buy a red pair of sandals and she said, "No." and pointed to a pair of yellow ones that I had just tried on her feet. She comes by this naturally though. I love shoes too. Jeff is not too thrilled with this obsession of ours. =) Here is her shoe basket.

She also likes to try on everyone else's shoes. Here she is in a pair of my flip-flops.
She even thinks Daddy's shoes look good!

Here she is trying to put her shoes on her baby doll.

So, as you can see, Lily and I will have to start saving for shoe shopping trips in the future. (and when Jeff reads this, he will probably disagree, ha ha!)


  1. Ahh, this isn't exactly a good trait to have, she should buy hats like uncle bill. maybe i should get her some shoes instead of a duck?