Thursday, March 12, 2009

Riley's School Conference

I have to brag about Riley and his Pre-3 teacher, Miss Eva. First let me tell you about Miss Eva. We LOVE her! She was Zach's teacher in both Pre-3 & Pre-4 and now is Riley's teacher. She is fantastic! Zach learned so much from her, and so has Riley. I went to his conference today for school and Riley is doing such a good job. Now Riley is not our child who loves to learn. Zach is. Zach LOVES to learn and loves to do work and read and do math problems (and he is only in Kindergarten!) Riley does not like any of this. He says saying the ABC's bores him. =) So, while Riley is a pretty smart kid (I might be biased though) I thought that his teacher would say that he was right on track for his age; three years. Miss Eva does a DIAL test to see where the kids are at so she knows what they need to work on. There are ten sections. In seven of those sections, he scored at a 5 or 6 year old level. In the other three, he scored in the 4 year old level. He also had the second highest score in the whole class! She said that he has done really well and that even though it may seem to us like he is not paying any attention, he obviously is. He also cracks her up all of the time with the funny things that he says. At the end of the test, there is a section on what they would do in a problem solving situation. One of the questions is what would you do if you broke something. Instead of just saying that he would fix it, this is what she wrote for what Riley said, "Say I'm sorry and get in trouble. I do not have enough money. I have to be rich, I only have $4.00. My mom has all of my car money. (his piggy bank is a car.) So there is my smart, complicated little boy who makes us laugh all of the time. We sure do love him! =)

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  1. Awe! What a cute story at the end! Poor Lily, having to grow up with such smart brothers. Although we say that, she might be the smartest yet! -Amy