Saturday, March 28, 2009


The snow finally came! We didn't get anywhere near what they predicted, but we got enough for the boys to play in, so while Lily was taking a nap, the boys went out and played in the snow. Here is Zach sliding down the snow/ice covered slide.
While Zach was busy building a snowman, Riley took advantage of Zach not looking, and pelted him with snowballs. (Don't feel too sorry for Zach, Riley had endured Zach throwing lots of snowballs at him before Zach lost interest.)

Here is Zach's snowman. He has a carrot nose, Starburst eyes, and pencil arms.

Since Lily didn't get to play out in the snow, here are some pictures from yesterday of her drinking her first cup of hot cocoa. (ever!)

I think she likes it!

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