Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Part 2

Today we went bowling and to the zoo. Here are the boys ready to bowl. They have been excited about this for days!

Lily thought she was big enough to pick up a ball herself too.

Aunt Amy came along and helped Lily bowl. Lily loved it!

Riley had a hard time holding the ball....

this is how he rolled (threw) it down the alley.

Zach is getting pretty good at bowling.

When the ball would hit lots of pins, Zach had a little dance he would do.
It looked a little like this:

Then we went to the zoo with a lot of my family members.
Here are Zach & Riley with their cousins Cooper & Carson.
Riding the horse in the barn.

Petting the sheep.

Looking at the penguins.

Another eventful day! It was great that Jeff was able to take off work today & tomorrow, so that he could join in on the fun too!

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