Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun Weekend

My sister Amy & I went to visit one of our other sisters, Dianna, and her family this weekend. We left Friday afternoon and got back late last night. She has three adorable little boys. This is Camden, her youngest. He just turned one last month. Isn't he the cutest little guy?

This is him walking. He is getting really good at it!!

Carson is 5 (almost six). He has such a funny personality.

Dianna's oldest boy is Cooper. He is 7, so he probably won't appreciate being called sweet, but that's just what he is. =)

Amy brought kites for the boys to play with and it was so windy out that they got to use them. This is Amy helping Carson out.

This is me, Dianna, and Amy. We had a great time talking and laughing (mainly at each other). We think we are pretty funny....

and after we had some of these yummy drinks my brother-in-law made us, we thought we were even funnier. =)

We spent all of Saturday shopping and also went to see He's Just Not That Into You. It was a pretty good movie. Fun to watch with other girls. (I can not imagine dragging Jeff to see this.) Here is what the trunk of the car looked like when we got back to Dianna's Saturday evening:

I had a lot of fun this weekend. It was great to just hang out and relax. The kids and Jeff had fun while I was gone (McDonald's Play Place & the Zoo, yeah!!!) but I think they were all happy to see me today. Thanks for having us Dianna!!


  1. thanks for the pictures snd the comments thay were great.


  2. I really appreciate you and Amy coming to see me and the fam. I miss having family around.
    Had a great time!!

    Love, D.

  3. It's was an awesome weekend. :-) -Amy