Sunday, March 22, 2009


Today we went to our niece, Elayne, and nephew, Bryce's Birthday party. Bryce turned one and Elayne turned three. They had a pinata for each of them. All of the kids got to take a turn at hitting each pinata. Then they all scrambled for the candy! Here is Bryce taking a whack at his Micky Mouse pinata. He had fun for about 1 minute and then was done. =)

Here is Elayne with her princess pinata. She is a girly-girl and that is exactly how she hit that pinata too! She was very dainty the whole time. It was very cute.

Here is Lily hitting the pinata. She thought it was funny.

Riley and Zach had fun hitting it too.

Happy Birthday Bryce & Elayne!

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