Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random Pictures (Again)

Here are some more pictures that aren't really related to each other, but I thought were cute. (They're of my kids...of course I think they are cute!!) =)

This is Zach with both of his front teeth missing. He has now lost 4 teeth!!
He is finding it hard to eat apples & pears.
This is Lily playing "dress-up". She has my shoes on, her satin purse Grammy gave her with her "pretties" (bracelets) and the cute hat I ordered from Etsy.
Riley & Lily wanted to have a picnic when it was nice. (this cold weather needs to go away again!) Here they are at their picnic table. (Thanks Aunt Mary!)
Here is Lily actually keeping a bow in her hair. She likes the idea of a bow in her hair, but she always touches it so much that she ends up pulling it out.
OK, this one isn't my child, but he is so cute, I had to put his picture up here too. This is Ares, my nephew. He is exactly one week older than Lily. Isn't he adorable?

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  1. Of course he is adorable! He's my grandson.