Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dive-In Movie

We went to the Drive-In to see Monsters Vs. Aliens last night. It was a really funny movie. We haven't been to the Drive-In since I was pregnant with Lily and the boys have been wanting to see Monsters Vs. Aliens, so I thought we should go again. For an added bonus, the Drive-In was having ten dollar carload night!!! So, we put the kids in their jammies, got some snacks, invited Aunt Amy, and headed on over to the Starlite. Here are the yummy snacks we had while watching the movie (although the boys ate most of this before the movie actually started...)

Zach and Riley settled into the back of the truck with their blankets and snacks and waited for the movie to start.

Lily thought she was missing out on something, so she got up in the truck too.

Here she is in Daddy's chair...turns out, all she wanted was popcorn (and to try to jump out of the truck...)

When it got dark, they started the cartoons for the concession stand. These were the old ones with the dancing pickle!!

While Lily didn't quite enjoy the movie, the boys, Amy, and I had fun watching the movie. (Jeff walked around with Lily a lot) It was a perfect night. It was a little windy at times, but it was cool, and there were not a lot of bugs. (yeah!!) We could have stayed to watch the other two movies, but I think that one movie was enough for us. Maybe in the future. =)

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