Friday, April 3, 2009

Terrible Two's

Lily isn't even two yet, but I am starting to see signs of "The Terrible Two's". With the boys it was more like the terrible three's, and I never really thought of two as being terrible. Until now. Lily has discovered that if she moves a kitchen chair, she can get just about anything she wants. And she is fast too! Last weekend while Jeff was out of town, she had managed to spill several drinks, tear apart art projects, and lick all of the frosting off of three donuts that she had taken out of the box, covering herself in chocolate. There are no pictures of this, (even though several family members asked if I did and were disappointed when they found out I didn't) because as I mentioned before, Jeff was out of town and I had reached my limit with Miss Lily Paige. So, after a week of relatively few tantrums, not too many things getting destroyed, and Jeff being back home, I was able to laugh and take pictures of her after her latest "adventure". I was literally out of the room for five minutes. I heard Zach say, "Lily, give me that stamp!" Uh Oh...I ran back downstairs to see Zach wrestling a stamp pad away from Lily and this:

As you can see, she was devastated and extremely remorseful.

Here is a picture AFTER I had scrubbed her face and hands:

I did finally get most of it off of her face and she only has a little bit of green on her fingers now. We have a new rule when the boys are using art supplies: absolutely no stamp pads when Lily is awake.


  1. Yes, you really shouldn't beat her quite so hard. :-)

  2. I hear ya! Eli turns 2 tomorrow and we are seeing signs! He loves to tell you "NO" then run b/c he knows he's going to get into trouble! It's wearing me out...especially being pregnant!

  3. Does she get any points for matching her shirt ;-)

    She probably thought she looked like a "pretty baby!" and she'd be right.

  4. AH HAH! She is part leprechaun. I knew it!