Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Pictures

Since today is a wet, cold, and all together dreary day, I decided to post some Spring-y pictures. These are all of Lily because the boys no longer like having me dress them up and pose them. Darn those boys for growing up! Luckily Lily LOVES to have her picture taken. So do the boys actually, they just want me to take pictures of them jumping off of things, or climbing things, or making weird faces. But that's a post for another day...
Lily saw these bunny ears and just had to put them on. Here she is with all of her bunnies and her "sheepie".

What a poser!

I was actually done taking pictures, and had taken off her dress, but she plunked herself down and said, "Cheese! Mama! Cheese!" Then she wanted to look at herself on the camera and she said, "Pretty baby!" I will not have to worry about her self-esteem. =)

I got these roses from Jeff & Lily was fascinated by them, so I let her hold one.

I have to agree with Lily. I think she is a pretty baby.


  1. I like the last photo, u should blow that one up and frame it. Pretty baby! :) P.S. The ducks coming soon!

  2. I love her polka dot dress! She is a QT Pie!

    Aunt Dianna

  3. Awe! What a sweetheart, especially that last one.