Friday, April 24, 2009


In a shameless attempt to win Lily's love, my brother Bill bought her ducks. To clarify for those who have no idea what I am talking about, Lily is not fond of Uncle Bill. Until recently, she screamed (and I mean screamed!!!) whenever he would come over. After bribing her with candy, she doesn't scream anymore. She still would not get too close to him though. I have no idea why she is so scared of him, but Bill has been trying to win her love back ever since she started this a few months ago. So, when Bill found out how much Lily loves ducks, he set out to buy her some. I thought it was going to be just one, but we got two. He did buy all of the stuff that goes with the ducks too and he promises to keep them until after we come back from vacation. He called last night to say they were at his house, so we went over there to check them out. Lily thought they were great!

We had to be careful, because Lily liked to pick them up by their heads.

Not too scared of Uncle Bill here.....

Even though I wasn't too crazy about this idea, I have to admit they are pretty cute.

Riley wouldn't hold them but he would let one sit on his lap.

Zach really liked the ducks!

Yep, I think she likes them....

Although she stuck with just letting Aunt Tonya hold her.....

Lily did let Uncle Bill kiss her!

Thanks Uncle Bill!!!
(and Aunt Tonya!)


  1. Shameless, simply shameless. Plus, now I'll have to compete with Bill as well as Mary! Does Lily want a pony???

  2. ahhh, your welcome! Hopefully they will get big and i can come around and have fun with them. And then maybe eat them for dinner, what ya say Jeff, smoked?,fried?, or grilled?