Saturday, April 4, 2009

Egg Hunt!

Today we went to the city's Easter Egg Hunt. It was packed!! But, the kids had a lot of fun. First we did the egg hunt. They start with the youngest, and go up from there. Here is Lily collecting her eggs.

Each child got to get five eggs filled with candy and then they gave the kids a goody bag too.

Riley's turn was next.

After waiting what seemed like forever to them, Zach (and Taby) got to go.

Then we headed for the Easter Bunny. The "older" kids (Zach, Taby, and Alyssa) decided they wanted to skip the Easter Bunny and go straight to the games and moonwalks. =) Lily, Riley and Johnny, decided to see him though. Lily was especially excited! She ran right up to him and wanted on his lap.

Riley liked the Easter Bunny too.

Here is my nephew Johnny sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap.

In addition to the egg hunt and the Bunny, there were also games and moonwalks. Here is Lily playing a duck game.

All of the older kids liked jumping in the moonwalks.

Here are all of the kids after all of the fun.

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  1. That's crappy that my own neice will run up to a total stranger that is in a COTUME! but will screams when her uncle bill comes in person. Something wrong with that. :)lol