Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Yesterday, I found this cool art project where you color a coffee filter blue and green....
then you drip water on it (you're suppose to spray it but I didn't have a water bottle) to mix the colors.....

let it dry, and you get a cool earth!

When Zach saw Riley's, he of course wanted to make one. Here is Zach's. He decided to add some stars, the moon, the planet Saturn, and the sun to his picture!
Since we were talking about Earth Day, I asked Zach what he liked the most about the earth that we could find around the outside of our house. His answer: BUGS! He wanted to find a ladybug (he had found one at school earlier) but we couldn't find one, and then he saw a bee that he wanted me to take a picture of, but I vetoed that bug. So, we ended up taking pictures of these cool bugs:



Today, Lily, Riley, and I went outside to see what they like most about the earth. Right away, Riley chose flowers. So, we walked up and down our street looking for the prettiest flowers, and these are the ones Riley chose:

I asked Lily what she saw outside and she said, "Bird!" I tried to get a picture of a bird around our house, but couldn't get close enough, so we headed over to Grammy and Granddad's house where I knew we would find birds. The first bird she saw? DUCKS!!! Here she is chasing after a duck trying to feed it. Apparently it did not want her help finding food, because it (and another duck) kept walking away from her.

Granddad said there was a robin building it's nest in a tree in their backyard, so we went to check it out! Lily & Riley thought that was pretty cool.

One of my favorite things that we can see around our house are these two little bunnies that visit our backyard. You can see them out there almost daily, but most of the time, they run off when you open the sliding glass door. Yesterday, they let me get fairly close before they ran under the fence.
My other favorite earth thing is the sunset. (Even though it is not actually on the earth.) Here is a picture from our upstairs window.

Happy Earth Day!!

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  1. Sounds like you are a pretty cool mom to do all that!