Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Art Projects

Most of you know that I love to do art projects with the kids. Here are some Easter projects we have been working on the last week or so. I am posting them not only so I can show off my kids work, =) but also to give some of you other mom's some ideas. I get these ideas from kid's art e-mail, art websites, magazines, and some of them I do make up as I go.

The first project we did was make an Easter egg using cardboard that I had cut into an egg shape and then wrapped in foil. The kids painted it whatever color they wanted and then using Q-tips, they made designs in the paint uncovering the foil.

The next project is still a work in progress. We made egg people out of real eggs. I took off the very top of each egg & carefully emptied it out. After washing & drying the egg, the kids each drew a face on it and then painted cut up egg cartons for the "pants" We glued popsicle sticks to the bottom for feet.

Then we filled the eggs up with dirt, put grass seed in (you can use any fast growing seeds) and then watered them.

Here are our finished egg people.

We made these egg people last week and here is a picture of their "hair" today. Hopefully it will keep growing and it will look like they have a lot of hair growing out of the top of their heads.

This next project I got from my mom. They are bunnies. You are supposed to use small baskets. When I couldn't find the baskets, I improvised and used little clay pots instead. First we painted the pots white. Then they painted little wooden sticks that look like pickets on a picket fence white for the ears & they got to choose what color the inside of the ear would be. Lily & Zach chose pink and Riley chose blue. (no surprise there!)

Next they glued wiggly eyes on and painted the nose and mouth.
(I helped Lily & Riley) Then I let them choose what color plastic egg they wanted and what color they wanted to use to paint designs on it.
Here are their finished bunnies!

We added a puff ball for the tail.

We made glitter eggs next. We just used egg paper templates and then used glue for the designs and sprinkled glitter on them.

The last project we did was make stained glass crosses. I traced a cross onto waxed paper and the boys sprinkled different colored crayon shavings onto the paper.
Then I put another piece of waxed paper on top of that and ironed them together, until all of the crayon shavings were melted. When it was cool, I cut out the crosses and we put them onto the window using tape. (you will want to place the waxed paper on a towel and another towel on the top piece of waxed paper. You will get crayon color on the towel, so use a towel you do not want anymore.)
Hope some of these inspire some of you to do some art!


  1. Very talented little kids, i like the egg people idea and look forward to them growing big hair lol

  2. Does Lily really paint??? It looks like it from the picture. And she never has an apron on. How is she not covered in it??? :-)

  3. Looks great! Since we don't have school on Friday, maybe I can try some of these things with Eli!!! You're such a fun mom!

  4. LOVE these ideas! I'll have to try some next year! You're so good to do all these things with the kids!!