Saturday, April 18, 2009

Riley's Party

We had Riley's party with all of our family and some friends today. Riley started out the day putting on his new Scooby-Doo shirt.

Then at 8:30 in the morning, this showed up at our house:

We booked a Scooby-Doo moonwalk for Riley's party. The company we got it from set it up about two and a half hours before the party, so the kids would have a chance to jump in it before all of the party guests arrived.

Then my sister, Mary, came a little before the party to deliver Riley's cake. She made this Scooby-Doo cake. Isn't it awesome!!!

At about 11:00 people started coming. All of the kids couldn't wait to get their shoes off and start jumping!

We dragged the kids out long enough to eat pizza and open presents.
My sister Amy found these Scooby-Doo action figures!!!

This is a picture of the mass chaos going on when Ri was opening his presents. It didn't phase him though, he just kept right on opening!

We all sang Happy Birthday to Riley and had cake and ice cream sandwiches!

Then it was back to jumping!
One by one, our guests began to leave with reluctant children. We invited the neighborhood kids who were looking over at our yard longingly to jump, since we had the moonwalk all day. It was supposed to leave at 5:00, but they didn't come until 6:30 to pick it up. Which was nice for the kids. They had been jumping all day, so we thought they would not be too sad when the guy came to pick it up, but when they deflated it, Riley was very sad. His words were, "This stinks!" Here is a picture of his face after they took the moonwalk down.

So SAD!! =(

But, he quickly bounced back when he found out he could help deflate it by jumping on it. =)

What a good day!!


  1. Wow..that cake is impressive! I'm also impressed by the amount of kids that were there!!! I bet you did have neighborhood kids drooling....waiting for someone to invite them over to jump!!! Looks like he had a happy birthday!

  2. WOW that is one awesome Scooby-Doo moonbounce!! You were right, Mary did a great job on the cake too!

    I bet you could do the same next year and everyone would love it!

    Glad you had such a great b-day Riley!

    Love Aunt Dianna

  3. We had a great time and so did Hayden, hope the dinasaur we got riley was able to spit the water out like it was supposed to and that riley liked it.