Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Playing Outside

Last week was BEAUTIFUL!!!! We spent a lot of time outside playing, so here are some pictures of the fun we had. Lily likes to wear her sunglasses. Here she is sporting her shades.

Riley likes to blow on dandelions and make wishes, so here he is making a wish. He wished his Mommy was his best friend. =) He is so sweet!!

Riley got this ball you bounce on for his Birthday. Lily likes to sit on it. She really can't bounce on it because her legs aren't long enough, but she thinks it is fun anyway.

Riley and Lily had fun using Ri's new bubble blower.

Riley got a lot of new outdoor toys for his Birthday and he is gracious enough to share them with his brother and sister. Here they all are "golfing".

The boys think these giant tennis rackets are so fun to play with!!!

T-Ball is another favorite, but they don't actually play the game, they just hit the ball and then chase after it......

This is how Lily likes to "hit" the ball.

Lily has discovered that she no longer wants to sit in the baby swing. =(
She is growing up so fast!!! She LOVES to have Zach swing her on the glider swing.
Here she is being such a big girl in the regular swing. We finally just took the baby swing down this weekend and put the regular swing back up. I don't think we were going to get her back in it again. =)

We can't wait for more outdoor fun!!!!

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