Monday, April 6, 2009

Trip to the Dentist

Zach went to the dentist for his six month check-up today. Usually he wants me to go in with him. Today when they called him back, I stood up, and started to usher Lily and Riley back too, but Zach turned to me and said, "Mom, you stay here, I can go by myself." Wanting him to be independent, I said OK and sat back down. The office is set up so I can peek over the receptionist desk and see him anyway and I could hear him chattering away to the dental assistant. This made him going back by himself easier for me. The other two, on the other hand, were not happy about staying in the front. Riley wanted to go back too, (I'm sure he was thinking Zach was bound to have some sort of fun without him) and Lily kept saying, "Zach!" After they took X-rays of his teeth (the first time!) and he seemed to be doing fine, I sat back down with Lily and Riley. When I heard the dental assistant leave the area Zach was in, I popped my head over and told him what a good job he was doing. He must have known I wanted to come back there, because he looked at me and said, "Mom, you can come back if you want." I told him I would stay out front if he wanted to be back there by himself, but he said, "No, come back." I think he was definitely more ready for this step in getting older than I was, and he knew it. Smart kid, that one. They cleaned his teeth and the dentist said they looked great and they marveled at the spots where he was missing teeth and his new permanent teeth. They laughed at Riley who talked their ears off and kept insisting he had loose teeth too. It is a great dental office. So, I think that next time we go, if he wants, I will let him go back by himself and stay there by himself. (Until the dentist comes to talk to me, of course.) Even though it will be hard. He is growing up way too fast for me.....

Zach's Building
Zach built this building out of mega blocks the other day and he was very proud of it. He did it all by himself. (He stood on the box they are kept in to reach the very top.)

Here is when he knocked it down.

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  1. He's getting smarter everyday that Zach, I wonder where he gets it? lol