Sunday, April 26, 2009


Rain, rain, and more rain. Now, I like rain, I even like thunderstorms, but it has been raining HARD off and on all night with more rain to come. These are clouds over our house at about five this evening.

It was raining so much that this little frog (toad..I don't know the difference) decided to take refuge on our front porch by our door.

So when I saw how much rain was in our street out front, I thought I should check out our backyard. We have lived in this house for a little over two years. The backyard has always flooded (the city is supposed to fix it this summer) but it usually doesn't get too bad. The biggest pain has been that under the kids' swing set takes forever to dry out. When I looked out into our backyard at about 10:15, this is what I saw:

I went out to get the kids toys that were floating in the water, while I was out there, I put one of their bats at the water's edge to show how far up it came. Our backyard slopes really bad at the bottom, so the water is really deep by the swing set. The water came all the way up to the bottom of the glider swing!!

We have a slide that is out to the side of the swing set. It floated over to the swing set!!!
Hopefully all of the water will be gone by morning. Otherwise I will have two little boys who will be begging to go jump in it. =)

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