Sunday, June 7, 2009

#1: Swimming

We have actually been swimming this summer already, but when the boys added swimming to their list, they meant having their swimming pool put up so they could swim in the backyard. They love swimming in big pools, but it is so nice to just jump into their swimsuits and play for awhile in the afternoon (almost everyday...) So, when Jeff dragged the pool out of the garage yesterday, the boys got so excited that they ran and put their swimsuits on.....even though they didn't actually get to go swimming for about 3 hours after that. This is Riley just sitting and waiting to go swimming. So sad. =)

Finally! In the pool!!!!

This is Zach's new favorite trick. Aunt Mary taught it to him last year.....
this is actually how he likes to do it...."thanks" Aunt Mary......

Zach also loves jumping into the pool.

After about an hour and a half of swimming, it was time for a Popsicle break.

When Zach was done with his Popsicle, he climbed up on the monkey bars (his favorite spot), threw his towel on the bars, and laid down to dry off. I thought it was so funny!
Number one is finally crossed off our list of things to do this summer. We only have 6 more to go!!!

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  1. What are you going to do when everything is crossed off your list so early!! ;0)

    (Probably just repeat it all over again).