Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Iced Coffee

I am obsessed. Seriously. Actually, I'm pretty obsessed with coffee in general. (Just ask my husband...) In the summer, I love iced coffee though and Jeff, probably thinking "I can't believe you continue to pay for this stuff", said, "You know, you can make that at home." I thought yes, but will it taste the same?? I decided to try it, just in case it would be good. (OK, most of you have probaby already thought of this & this really isn't a new idea, but if you already knew, why didn't you share this before?!?!) =) So anyway.....I didn't think it was going to be good, but I just poured a cup of coffee into a mug, added my creamer & sweetener (and then a dose of chocolate syrup) and I placed it in the fridge. Then I went about drinking my regular coffee, because really, I couldn't wait for coffee! Later on after a walk with the kids, I pulled out my cold coffee, poured it into a glass with ice.....and it was SO yummy!!! OK, probably not Starbucks yummy, but it was pretty good. So, for those of you who cringe every time you fork over money for an iced coffee, just make one at home! I have seriously had one everyday this week....which may not actually be such a good thing, but oh well. =)


  1. So much for cutting back on your caffiene ;0)


  2. I know....well, it was worth a shot! =)