Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily!!!

Lily turns 2 today!! We still call her "Baby Girl" and I think she will be that for some time to come. We also call her "Miss Sassy Pants" since she is just that. Her new favorite thing to do is order the boys around by telling them to "Hurry up", "Shush it!", and telling them "Enough boys!" (I can't figure out where she's getting these phrases....) =) While she is a bit bossy and clearly thinks she is the princess of the house, she can also be very sweet and loving. She hates when the boys are upset and will sit with them and kiss them. She gets so excited when they wake up and come downstairs. And there is no question that she is a Daddy's girl. Two years has passed so quickly. Here is a video of pictures from the first two years of her life.

Happy Birthday Lily!

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