Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Garage Sale!

Our neighborhood is having a garage sale this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We started to get ready for it last weekend with looking through things and pricing things. UGH! I forgot what a pain garage sales can be! Jeff cleaned out the garage and I got things together. The boys wanted to put things in to sell too, but Zach couldn't seem to part with anything. In fact, he paid Riley a quarter for something that Riley wanted to sell, but Zach wanted to keep. Silly boy. =) Tonight we started setting things up in the garage. (He also bought some stuff that Grammy brought over.) The boys were a big help bringing things out.

Lily really wasn't any help at all.....

We have cute baby Halloween costumes....
...tons of baby/toddler clothes (all girl)....

....and more shoes than any little girl should posses. (and these are just the ones she has outgrown since last Fall!)
We also have TOYS!!

Hopefully we will have good weather!!!

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  1. Thanks for selling my whole $2.50 worth!