Thursday, June 18, 2009

Puppet Workshop

Tuesday, I took Zach and my niece Taby to a puppet workshop at the library. It was for ages 6 - 11, so I had a mad 4 year old, but he got to play with his mad 4 year old cousin, so hopefully, they stopped being mad together. =) Anyway, We got there and they got to choose between a hand puppet and a sock puppet. Zach and Taby both chose hand puppets. When they got to their table, they saw all of the things they could use to make their puppets!!

Then they got ready to work!
The colored, glued, and cut.

They worked so hard on their puppets!!

Here are Taby & Zach's finished puppets.

After learning how to move their puppets correctly, and looking over their scripts, all of the kids got a chance to put on a puppet show!

Both Zach and Taby had a lot of fun and have their puppets to remind them of their fun day.

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