Saturday, June 13, 2009


We took the boys to the Wichita Wingnuts baseball game last night. (Thanks Amy for watching Lily...she would NOT have had fun.) The last time Zach went was 2 years ago, and Riley has never been. Zach really did not remember his first time, though, so it was kind of like the first time for both of them. Here are the boys up in the bleachers.

They had all of these characters walking around. Riley was excited about the Sonic hot dog and drink. He wanted to go down and see them and get his picture taken with them. Zach came along too and tried to smell the hot dog to see if he really smelled like a hot dog.....he said he didn't. =)

The boys favorite part of the game? Popcorn, pop, and cotton candy of course!

My three favorite guys!!!

The boys got excited when the game got ready to start.

They loved it when this ball that got knocked out of the park.....even though it was a score for the other team.

This is the mascot for the Wingnuts, he's a squirrel...

Riley got so excited about everything!! He was so fun to watch!

At about 8:20, Zach asked how much longer we had to sit there (the game started at 7:05), so, we figured they had had enough. =) On the way home though, they asked if they could come back another time, so I think they had fun!

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