Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some Assembly Required.....

We gave Lily a play kitchen for her Birthday. The box said some assembly required. Sunday morning, before we left to go to see my dad and Jeff's dad, I thought I would put it together so Lily could play with it when we got home. Jeff looked at me and said, "That's going to take you a long time, you shouldn't start that now." How did he know? I hadn't even opened the box! Granted, I am not the one who usually puts stuff together, but since Jeff fractured his leg, I thought it would be easier for me to sit on the floor putting it together. Besides, I could do it, right? It didn't look that hard. Well, I didn't actually even open the box until Monday afternoon. I have to admit, I was pretty overwhelmed when I looked at ALL of those pieces!!! I almost put it back in the box so Jeff could do it. But no, I was going to show him I could do it too. =) After about an hour and a half of putting little pieces together, this is all I had done:

And these aren't even all of the pieces, there were several laying all around me! I had to quit so I could fix dinner, but later that night (after Jeff graciously asked if I wanted him to take over), I started back up again. Some assembly required??? This thing took me about 4 hours to put together and I am really not that inept at following instructions. There were just so many pieces!!! Really, some of those couldn't have come already put together? =) It was worth it though. Look how cute it was after I finally finished!

Poor Lily couldn't play with it until this morning, after watching me all last night. She was happy to get to play with it today though. (So were the boys!!) She got a lot of the food and dishes from family for her Birthday, so it was nice that she has stuff to put in her kitchen.

Here she is cooking some cupcakes!

My little chef!

SO, while it was a big pain to put together (have I mentioned that yet?? ha ha) Lily loves her kitchen & I am pretty proud of myself for putting it together.


  1. Good Job putting it together all by yourself Sweetie!

  2. WAY TOO COOL, Sorry we couldn't be there sis, had the benefit thing in Abilene. Looks like she and arial had fun!

  3. I'd have given up and yelled for Jeff!