Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lily's Birthday Party

Lily's actual Birthday is next Saturday, but we had her party today. My nephew, Ares, was born exactly one week before Lily. This year, we decided to have a joint Birthday party. The theme was Sesame Street with Elmo and Abby Cadabby. Here is the very cute cake my sister Mary made:

We started out the day by letting Lily open up her presents from us.

Here she is playing with her new tea set. She's such a girly-girl! =)
Lily liked the balloons.
The Birthday kids!!

After lunch, it was time for presents!!

Jeff is a big chief's fan and Lily LOVES bracelets and necklaces (which she calls pretties). So, my brother Tom bought her some pretty bracelets and this Chief's necklace. She and Jeff loved it. =)
(Tom's wife, Carla, took credit for all of the cute clothes they gave her, but would not take credit for the necklace. Ha Ha!)

Then it was Ares' turn to open presents. He wasn't too excited about it until he opened this Micky Mouse table from his Aunt Karen. He was SO excited!!!

We moved right on to the cake before we had two really cranky 2 year-olds who were missing nap time.

How excited do these two look?? =)

Lily was so excited about blowing out her candle, Jeff had to re-light it because she blew it out before we even sang. The song was barely over when she blew it out.....

....she even tried to bow out Ares' candle....

....finally his Mommy helped him.....

....and it was time to eat cake!

Thanks Ares for letting Lily share your Birthday!


  1. Thank you Lily for letting me share my birthday with you!

  2. Great pics! LOVE Lily's dress!! Can't wait to see her 2 year old pictures w/her pink dress and hat on!

    -Aunt Dianna